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Oklahoma Chapter Membership

Chapter membership is automatic with membership in APA.  Your decision to become a member of OKAPA shows your dedication to planning and offers a way for you to contribute to the advancement of the planning profession. OKAPA offers a professional forum for co-workers, colleagues, and business associates to share knowledge, experiences, and perspectives.  By joining together, we raise the level of professionalism of each member. Recruiting new members and retaining current members are the two most important functions of any organization.  It is the only way OKAPA can grow.  Join us today or encourage your co-workers to join.  

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APA Membership

There are many benefits to being an APA member:

Planning Magazine

As  member of APA, you will receive a subscription to Planning, the award-winning monthly magazine that binds our diverse membership together.  Planning will keep you up to date on planning that works--successful programs, techniques, and strategies from across the nation.  No other publication covers the field as completely or intelligently. 

Chapter Membership

When you join APA, you also join your local chapter.  Chapter membership involves you in APA close to home, sharing experiences with colleagues, expanding your network, and broadening your perspective beyond your office, commission, or campus. The Chapter newsletter, The Oklahoma Planner,  will keep you current on local issues. You will want to attend  chapter  meetings as well as special workshops and conferences.  

Student Memberships

If you're a full-time planning student, you're eligible to join APA at reduced cost. APA membership is the best way to establish a solid professional foundation at the very beginning of your career.  Chapter meetings and other functions foster networking and learning about planning in the real world.   

Join APA today!

Planning Official Memberships

Planning officials can also join at a special reduced rate.   Through APA-sponsored audio conferences, publications, and chapter meetings, you'll learn about planning and meet fellow commissioners and planning practitioners.  At the APA annual national conference, you can attend sessions tailored to the needs of new and experienced planning officials.

APA Member Directory

Other information concerning APA membership and an APA/AICP membership directory can be found at MY APA:



AICP is the American Planning Association's professional institute, providing recognized leadership nationwide in the certification of professional planners, ethics, professional development, planning education, and the standards of planning practice.


Additional information on AICP can be found at: 


You can order AICP Member Certificate, Pin, and Member Directory from the APA store.  Here is the link to the APA web page for ordering:


AICP Certification

Many employers favor applicants with AICP Certification. To become a Certified Planner, one must meet certain education and experience requirements and pass a written exam. The AICP Exam is given only once a year.  Are you interested in taking the AICP exam?  Looking for information on the application process and study aids?  You have a couple of great sources at hand:

On-line AICP Review Course

First, check out the American Planning Association website -  - where you can find the registration requirements and dates of upcoming AICP exams.  Click on AICP for certification requirements.   The site Planetizan  has useful information concerning  AICP examine preparation.

Second, you can contact the OKAPA Professional Development Officer,  Ken Bryan, AICP ( for information related to Oklahoma test dates or any planned review sessions.

Try these AICP exam prep:     AICP Exam Prep    On-line AICP Review Course


Click on AICP for application form and certification requirements.


AICP Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct    


AICP Certification

APA Continuing Professional Education


Certification Maintenance Passed by AICP Commission

On April 13, 2007, the AICP Commission approved a plan for Certification Maintenance (CM) which includes requirements for continuing education for certified planners. Consequently, the voluntary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program ended on April 13, 2007.  Details of the new CM program may be found at

For more continued education opportunities, see  Planning Education at a Distance (PED)PED is an Internet based educational tool that provides planners and government officials with on-line urban and regional planning related continuing education opportunities.  Planning Education at a Distance


FAQ on AICP Certification Maintenance:                                                                     

What is 1 CM credit?

One CM credit is equivalent to one contact hour of training.  For example, a one hour conference session is an activity  that is eligible for one CM credit.


Is a chapter conference a single activity?

No. A chapter conference is an event with a series of activities.


What is the minimum amount of CM credit that can be earned from a single activity?

The minimum amount of CM credit that can be earned from a single activity is 1 CM credit from a CM activity that is one hour in length.


What is meant by “activities must include a mechanism of recording attendance of each AICP member?”

Each CM activity must have some form of attendance record for AICP members such as a sign in sheet, a completion verification of an online course, or documentation from an electronic badge scanner.


How will the registration process proceed? Will PDOs be required to wait for the registration transaction and payment of $95 to be processed before they can proceed to enter activities into the provider registration system?

No. All CM payments will be processed through an automatic deduction from each chapter’s APA rebate. It is possible for a PDO to register his or her chapter as a CM provider and then proceed directly with entering activities into the provider registration system.


Will APA activities be automatically placed in the CM program?

No. APA activities will be submitted to the provider registration system and will be subject to the same review process as submissions from APA Chapters, Divisions and outside providers.


Does the CM fee structure, as outlined in yesterday’s announcement, apply to all providers of CM credit?

Yes. The fee structure applies to all providers of CM credit including APA, APA Chapters and Divisions and private organizations.


How was the date April 14, 2007 chosen as the beginning of the “special offers for a limited time?”

April 14, 2007 is the day after the CM program was officially adopted by the AICP Commission.


How will fees for concurrent conference sessions be assessed?

A fee will be assessed for each credit offered even though multiple credits are offered concurrently.


Will the $95 annual registration fee be charged for each activity?

No. The $95 registration fee is an annual fee that allows a provider to offer CM activities for a one-year period.


Is it APA’s intent that the per-credit fee in 2008 will be $50 per-credit?

Yes. In 2008, the per-credit fee will be $50 per-credit. As part of the special offer you read about in yesterday’s announcement, the per-credit fee for each CM credit offered in 2007 is $25, with the exception of up to 30 credits offered until September 3, which will be free.


Must a CM provider re-register and pay for an activity on a particular topic each time it occurs throughout the year?

Yes. An organization that offers a CM activity on the same topic multiple times throughout the year will have to register and pay for the activity each time it is offered.


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Certification Maintenance Program for AICP Members


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