National APA has a varierty of printed and multimedia resources available. Examples of publications include Planning Magazine, Journal of the American Planning Association, and Zoning Practice.

APA Publications

Oklahoma Planner - Quarterly publication by OKAPA

Planning Magazine - Monthly publication for members only 

Journal of the American Planning Association - requires subscription

Zoning Practice - requires subscription

Other Publications

Other Resources

Multimedia - APA offers regularly updated podcasts, videos, and blogs.

National Centers for Planning - Conduct applied, policy-relevant research to identify, evaluate, develop, and disseminate best practices that address critical issues for the planning profession.


Since 1949, APA's program of applied research has resulted in practical, up-to-date information about best practices in urban and regional planning in the U.S.

Current Research Projects
Coastal Zone Management
Working with the Coastal States Organization, APA’s Hazards Planning Research Center will produce a PAS Report on coastal zone management.

Growing Food Connections
This project will target 20 urban and rural communities across the U.S. that are significantly underserved by the nation’s food system.

NOAA Digital Coast
A partnership with NOAA to review new planning tools for coastal communities, assist in using and accessing those tools, and in helping advance coastal zone management policy.

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation
An update and overhaul of the classic PAS Report Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction, incorporating numerous planning lessons learned from the last 15 years of dealing with major disasters.

SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership
APA and partners will help local and regional governments implement solar energy in their communities.